Lecture Performance

The Performance

Mathematician Tom Verhoeff and choreographer Roos van Berkel present a lecture performance on the ‘spurs’ of Lehmer, that appear on paths in permutation graphs. They translate these ‘spurs’ into movement, image and sound. By using the characteristics ‘proximity’ and ‘minimal change’, they present an exact and playful combination of mathematics and dance. 

By: Tom Verhoeff (mathematician), Roos van Berkel (choreographer), Marion Tränkle (scenographer), Ivo Bol (composer) and dancers of the department Modern Theatre Dance.

This lecture performance, held in Veldhoven beginning of February, was made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Nationale Wiskunde Dagen, Platform Wiskunde Nederland and the Amsterdam University for the Arts.

You can find an impression of the dance performance below.


Tom Verhoeff is assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, with research interests in domain-specific languages and in combinatorics.  Additionally, he contributes to talent development by teaching enrichment classes, and he volunteers for the Dutch Math Olympiad, Dutch Informatics Olympiad, and the Kangaroo contest. Inspired by (the mathematical sculptures of) his father Koos Verhoeff, he got involved in the analysis and design of mathematical art.

Roos van Berkel choreographs movement for the human and non-human body in systematic and ludic ways. Her work has been shown at various digital art and art & technology festivals in The Netherlands: E-Pulse, STRP and Discovery festival. Other festivals include Gent Light Festival, Museumnacht A’dam and different theatres in Hungary and Romania.  For the past ten year Van Berkel has taught at the AHK and the TU/e. In July 2018 she received a development grant from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) to enrich her work on performance and technology with specific scientific themes.